about me

Hi! My name is Skylar Hansen-Raj.

I took my first art history course the fall term of my sophomore year of high school, when I studied abroad in Rome. To become familiar with the vocabulary in the classroom was one way of learning, but being able to physically touch, see, and interact with the works myself made the history come alive. To visit the pieces I was studying was powerful because I could feel the layers of history buried within each brick through my bare hands. These experiences made me realize my deep love of history and art.

It is also the reason why I chose to major in art history at the University of Southern California. I’m fascinated by the various interdisciplinary applications of art history in areas such as business, law, investment, and the environment. History teaches us a lot of things: how to learn from the past, recognize the importance of diverse thought, and understand the unique backgrounds of individuals.

When I’m not catching up with the latest trends on TikTok, you can find me horseback riding, walking along the beach, or exploring Los Angeles with my friends.

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