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Hi! My name is Skylar Hansen-Raj and I’m a freshman at USC (fight on!). I’m interested in art history, environmental studies, and the fashion industry. I also love to read, write, and travel. Trying different things makes me excited about life, whether it be an unusual food (alligator, anyone?) or meeting new people. Although born in New York City, I grew up in the SF Bay Area. I am currently based in Los Angeles.

I attended boarding school for high school at Choate Rosemary Hall, where I took advantage of all sorts of opportunities to expand my aforementioned interests. I studied abroad three times in Japan, Italy, and Bhutan. I was the president of the Astronomy Club, a leader of the Gold Key Society, a Conservation Proctor, and a prefect in the largest freshmen girls dorm on campus. The highlight of my senior year was my Capstone project on the dangers of fast fashion, which you can read here. You can also find my works of art and writing in The Lit and The Choate News.

Hope you enjoy my blog! If you would like to be featured or just want to be friends, feel free to leave a comment. As I mentioned, I love meeting new people so hit me up for whatever 🙂

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